Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Library Committee Handbook" CMS Conversions

The Library Office of Web Technologies & Content Coordination would like to help library committees with the process of converting their existing content from within the "Library Committee Handbook" portion of the library web site into our CMS (Content Management System). There is a considerable amount of content in this section of our web site that will need to be converted, including committee meeting minutes (over 2,700 files). We know that you're busy, and just keeping up with creating and posting your most recent minutes can be challenging at times, so we want to offer our help in converting your old committee pages over to the CMS.

This conversion process won't at all affect the content you currently have posted. The textual and graphical content of all documents converted and transferred into the CMS will not be changed at all during the conversion process. The only changes that will be made during the conversion process will be to update the underlying (x)html code to insure that all documents in the CMS are valid and accessible. All committees will get to review all conversions before anything is made available to the public. Your committee doesn't need to have CMS training, or access to the CMS, or anything else to take advantage of this conversion process. All you have to do is... nothing! We are offering this as an opt-out service. If you would prefer that our office not convert any of your committee's content into the CMS (because, we hope, you are so eager and excited about doing the conversions yourselves) just send an email to me, Robert Slater (rslater@uiuc.edu) and let us know.