Monday, December 14, 2009

Two One Day Courses, Jan 19 & 20: Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources & Designing Accessible Web Forms

Jon Gunderson's (Illinois Center for Information Technology and Web Accessibility – iCITA) courses are always fun, engaging, and packed with good information. If you have the time (and the cash :) take a day to attend one of these workshops. If you are fairly new to accessibility (as it relates to web design), definitely attend the Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources course (Jan 19). If you feel pretty grounded in the basics of web accessibility, then you can skip to the Designing Accessible Web Forms session (Jan 20). Form design, in general, can be challenging. Making a well formatted, good looking and accessible web form is even more challenging, especially if you are trying to apply accessibility features to an existing form after the fact. Take this course and you'll never find yourself in that situation again. After one session with Jon, I guarantee you'll find yourself working the best practices of accessible design in from the ground up from now on, and loving the results. :)