Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CMS updated, Pasting from Word 2007...

Today we updated part of our CMS (tinyMCE, the program you are using when you create or edit a page). The most significant improvement this update provides is better handling of copying/pasting of content from Microsoft Word 2007. The old version was allowing some Microsoft generated markup to slip in. The updated version will correctly clean up all the unnecessary Microsoft Word 2007 markup from the document. However, in order for the system to properly initiate this cleanup, you must use the "Paste from Word" option. The "Paste from Word" option is located on the far right of the toolbar- an image of a clipboard with a W on it. If you paste Word 2007 content directly into one of the content areas (Content, Content for left column, or Content for right column), instead of using the "Paste from Word" option, then the system will not remove the extraneous Word markup. Please remember to always use the "Paste from Word" option if you are copying content from Microsoft Word documents into the CMS.

Screenshot of tinyMCE interface with the paste From Word button highlighted