Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New CMS Managed Employee Bios

This Thursday, November 5th we’ll be updating the employee directory ( to link to the new CMS managed employee bios. We’ll also be updating the web site so any links to the old employee bio pages will get redirected to the new employee directory.

If you provided us with an employee bio last year to be used in the CMS, you can look at your new bio now by going to:

for example,

Even if you didn’t send us a bio before, you can now create and edit your own employee bio through the CMS! In order use the CMS, you must have attended a CMS training session. Our next open CMS training sessions are being held on November 12 and November 25, 9:30am-noon (more information on CMS Training Sessions). Please contact Camilla Fulton ( or Robert Slater ( if you plan on attending. Registration is not required, and drop-ins are always welcomed (but letting us know you plan on attending helps us make sure we have enough hand-outs prepared).

Instructions on how to create and edit your employee bio pages can be found in the help section of the CMS (upper right hand corner, the "? Help" button) under "All Training Materials", "OpenCMS 203… Making and editing Employee Bio pages").

If you create a new employee bio, please let us know so we can add a link to it from the employee directory. All you need to do is contact Camilla Fulton ( or Robert Slater ( and let us know you’re bio is ready to be linked from the employee directory.