Thursday, January 3, 2008

and just keep running!

So today I managed to get my phone up and running (3-4789 still setting all my various messages). I also managed to network (admin speak for "talk to" ;) with several other key people today, although none of them where official meetings (brief stop bys really). I got to reconnect with Sandy Wolf and Lynn from the LIS library, my office neighbors, and Jo Kibbee, who taught my Reference class when I was in GSLIS. It's great to see everyone again, and I look forward to working with you all. I enjoyed meeting Lisa Hinchliffe (who I know I'll be working with all the time) today, as well as Rob Hildreth and Matt (sorry Matt, didn't catch your last name). Thank you all for being so welcoming and helpful. Sorry if I missed anyone, but it's past five and the building closes soon!
NB: I did have to take a quick break to return the loaner laptop library IT loaned me until I get my permanent one (the battery wouldn't take a charge). BTW, did you all know that any library staff/faculty can check out a laptop for up to two weeks (see: Loanable Equipment at

Hit the ground running...

Yesterday was my first day in my new position as the UIUC Web Technologies and Content Coordinator. It felt like "syllabus days" from when I was an undergrad: a lot of paperwork and overviews (getting accounts set up, etc) but not a lot of real work accomplished. I am still working from a pretty bare office (2 pictures, 1 phone: not hooked up yet). Nevertheless, so far this morning I've been able to get in touch with several of the people who can set me onto some real work and set up this very basic blog and initial entry. I hop to have an in house blog of some kind up more permanently soon, where all the library faculty and staff can get updates on what's going on, as well as have frank, anonymous (where they are so inclined) discussion about it. It probably doesn't help that I'm here, chomping at the bit starting on January 2nd, when there are people taking extended Christmas breaks, at the Rose Bowl, or busy getting ready for ALA. Thanks to all my old friends who have already gone out of their way to drop by, call, or email to say hi! Also, I do miss you guys from Oakland (you know who you are).