Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big Changes, April 22nd, to Webtools

If you use the ToolBox provided the University's Office of Web Services (http://webtools.uiuc.edu/toolbox) you hopefully already know that major changes and improvements are being undertaken. I just got back from today's unveiling of these changes, to be rolled out to the public on April 22. For 90% or more of instances where items from the ToolBox have been used, no changes/updates are needed by you to keep them working (and in those instances where their are problems, these should be more related to the presentation of the ToolBox tools, not their actual functionality). If you didn't have a chance to attend and think these changes might impact your own web pages, contact me and we can go over the notes I took at today's presentation. Even if you aren't using toolbox features, or know you are using them "correctly" it's worth logging in to the toolbox and touring some of the new features that are being rolled out under the new "Page Components" category/approach.