Friday, February 29, 2008

CMS updates, Web Tech survey in the works

It’s been incredibly busy over in the "office" of Web Technology and Content Coordination (main library room 316, so not exactly a sprawling office complex ;) and in library IT/ISD. Camilla has been making significant headway in getting together instructional materials and packets for both mediated and un-mediated training in the CMS. Aaron has been hard at work converting some of the administrative content from our old web server. Camilla and I both have been working on developing CMS templates for some of the more prevalent unit level home page designs (in pure CSS). John and Alex in ISD have been constantly applying custom tweaks to the CMS as I’ve been gathering and funneling your requests for changes to the system (and some significant version upgrades are in the pipes as scheduled updates, see the ISD CMS blog for more information on this). Anna (Scott’s GA who he’s been nice enough to “loan” to the us) has been working her way through all the committee pages, minutes, etc (so if you see Anna and she look bleary-eyed, you’ll know why ;) . I’ve also been gathering information on web technologies in use around campus, which will be posted to the new uiucwebtech wiki (I know it’s plain vanilla right now, I’ll tweak the templates as soon as I get the content in there) and linked from our WTCC home page. In conjunction with this, I’d like to start an open discussion with everyone about our new CMS. To that end, I am going to post (right after this) another thread called CMS feedback (for all you <3s>

You’ll also be getting an email from me soon (hopefully today) asking what cool web tech your library is using, is preparing to use, or has used in the past, so keep an eye out.

By the way, we are still looking for a few students who’d like to help us with the conversion process to the CMS. Pay starts at $10/hour (sorry, this isn’t a GA position), you can email Robert ( if you are interested in finding out more.